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I’m working on my web page but heres a blurb about me …

20180720_131238My name is Gregory Rodriguez I was born in Toronto, Ontario in the city of North York.

My family has been residents of Toronto for over 60 wonderful years and have bared witnesses to both its positive and negative changes which brings me to why I’m seeking your vote in the 2018 election.

I have seen for to many years the gradual decline in city services and community engagement especially in our schools systems. it seems to me that there is to much red tape, decisions being made with influence from special interests groups without critical thinking being done but most importantly to much talk and not enough action which is why I decided to “talk the talk and walk the walk”.

My volunteer experiences are with the Out of theFB_IMG_1525839261611 cold program as a volunteer on site coordinator during the winter at St Bridget’s feed and providing a safe place for our homeless as well as working with the Canadian red cross during the Ice storm 2013 helping victims at the shelter. I also volunteered to protect and save lives with St John’s ambulance and TPS during major special events in the city.


My employment and source of income is in sports education and law enforcement. I’m a Certified coach / Instructor by the Ontario Coaches Association in Hockey, MMA Soccer. my second profession is close protection specialist, security consultant/operator licensed by the province of Ontario governed by the ministry of community safety and correctional services. My Philosophy is sometimes it takes a village to raise a child and what I mean by that is we all have to work together to achieve one common goal to live peace and harmony with each other through understanding and educating each other. I also strongly believe in equality. we should all be equal in opportunity, but it’s our attitude, demeanor and mind set that defines and separates us in our successes.


As a school board trustee for the TDSB my job is to live and lead by example and uphold and obey all municipal, provincial and federal laws define the reality of our current social climate and physical situation, exercising and participating in rational and analytical think tanks and making critical decisions transform it to realistic vision then executing and applying them .




* my commitment to you is to be visible, accountable and easy accessible to my constituents and attend local school meetings as well as board and city council.

*Working in partnership with our provincial government as well as our ward councilor to ensure our children / students and community get everything they need and deserve.

*secure funding for the badly needed renovation of our schools to make then self sufficient and Eco-friendly.

-fixing the heating and adding air-conditioning to all schools.

– making schools self-sufficient so we don’t need to pay for water and electricity.

– make sure our washroom facilities are fully stocked and properly maintained so we can curb the spread of infectious diseases.

– make sure all board buildings are up to code for safety and security of our youth as well as built properly. (no cheaping out)

*cutting the red tape to allow our schools and students to participate in the retrofitting think tank of the maintenance and renovations of our schools.

– allowing parents, teacher and students who care permission to volunteer in a maintenance program so we can curb costs of up keep.

* Commitment to holding our government responsible for rewriting a fair revised sex-ed curriculum that will make all sides of the debate happy and create peace through compromise.

* initiating a campaign on R.E.S.P.E.C.T. /real equality and Civic responsibility to build relationships between our communities and our youth.

– one set of rules for all and easy to understand. equality and fairness should be top priority.

– encouragement to uphold strength in diversity which unite us. (not what divides)

– scholarship program for people who commit to going above and beyond their civic duty to city, Province and country.

* Bring back the School Resource Officers in our schools.

– under a strict mandate that they are only there in a teaching capacity as well as an adviser to students and faculty members.

– they are to be dress as undercover officers with only badge/credentials, bulletproof vest under shirt, collapsible baton, flashlight and cuffs. (NO FIREARMS, TASERS).

* new safety initiatives for students as well as all staff for the TDSB.

– Mandatory Drug and Alcohol testing for all TDSB Staff and Board Members.

(Did you know that this kind of testing is absolutely mandatory before you step foot in a oil rig or mining camp because of the heave machinery? so should we think of our kids as being this precious that teacher and persons in authority should undergo the same treatment?).

-24hr security present in all schools (peace of mind.)

– installation of metal detectors at the front doors as well as bag search. ensures the safety of all in the building as well as allows us to leave our front doors to our schools open not locked from 8am till 4:30pm and provides accountability on who enters the property and their purposes and can deter many potential violent and unwelcome situations

– new up to date video cameras with HD clarity properly installed. all data stored